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Center For Human Diversity Leadership Academy

“The Flagship Training Course for CHD”

Leadership Academy is one the most extensive training course on cultural competency for middle- to senior-level executives and organizational change agents in the United States.

In some respects, this course is a culmination of the entire CHD learning system because it incorporates so many components of all of the specialized courses we use. Yet, in other aspects, it is as different in nature and content as, for example, basic military training to special forces operations or taking a walk to training for a marathon. This course is for the committed individuals who really want to go out into the deep water.

In this 10-month-long training course, the Center for Human Diversity will take representatives of your organization and methodically walk them through an extensive roster of skill sets that will impact the growth of diversity initiatives and cultural competency when they return. The focus of the course will include:

  • Self-assessment
  • Organizational climate assessment
  • Legal and regulatory issues affecting your specific industry
  • How to deliver effective presentations (providing professional speaking tutors and multiple videotaped and critiqued sessions of each participant’s prepared presentations)
  • How to develop or improve existing organizational strategies to enhance cultural competency
  • How to drive diversity and cultural competency into results-oriented impact on your organization’s bottom line and primary mission

CHD CEO Valda Boyd Ford facilitates all of the Leadership Academy sessions, except particular components where she provides special invited guest presenters.

The course begins traditionally with a two-day retreat at the acclaimed Lied Lodge and Conference Center in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Class members receive an extensive opportunity to begin self-assessment and get to know each other. Then over the next nine months, there will be a monthly eight-hour workshop, each thematically focused on a different aspect of diversity initiatives and cultural competency.

Participants will be expected to actively participate in on-site and off-site activities to enhance their immersion into the subject matter. There will be many opportunities to learn from some of the community’s and the nation’s leading authorities on topics ranging from legal issues, compliance concerns, developing and evaluating program success, and recruitment and retention of diverse clients and employees.

Leadership Academy class size is limited to 20 people for intimacy and to insure maximum opportunity for class participation and interaction.




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