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The Paralysis of Political Correctness


A Message Who’s Time Has Come

Every outstanding business or organizational leader, educator or other person of responsibility, has that moment in his or her career to bring something totally new to the field.

When Center for Human Diversity CEO Valda Boyd Ford presented “The Paralysis of Political Correctness” at the Workforce Diversity2006 Conference in Rochester, NY, in April 2006, it was a watershed event in her career and for the science of interactive communications and education in America.

“The Paralysis of Political Correctness” drew rave reviews, as noted in the Rochester Democrat-Chronicle newspaper and earned even more critical acclaim the following year when presented at the 2007 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in Las Vegas, NV, in June 2007. After the outstanding Las Vegas presentation Valda was asked to recap her presentation in a major article for HR Magazine, the official magazine of SHRM.

Enough is Enough

The trail of ruined careers due to “PC” missteps leaves no doubt that in America now, on any given day, people in the highest – even “untouchable” – positions can be brought down by simply saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, to the wrong people.

Valda Boyd Ford is a remarkable voice saying, “Enough is enough!” And she does it in a way that finally provides maximum clarity on the issue. Through an extraordinary use of personal anecdotes and creative case studies (“Where does she find all those interesting examples?”), Valda Boyd Ford offers common sense, applicable solutions to the growing PC dilemma.

We’ve All Had That Moment We’d Like to Take Back

“I define the ‘Paralysis of Political Correctness’ as ‘the fear that keeps us from doing our best in culturally and linguistically awkward situations; the fear that keeps us afraid of the word or phrase that shuts down communication and hurts both the sender and the receiver; that tongue-tied, stomach-churning sensation that makes us avoid those who may need us the most.’

Valda Boyd Ford

This message is for all of us who know what it is to be innocently caught in a situation where sometimes we just don’t know what to say, or we use a term that used to be okay, but to our embarrassment now may no longer appropriate.”

Through identifying and defining “The Four Basic Fears That Cause Paralysis of Political Correctness,” participants explore diverse strategies that can minimize and/or eliminate this mood killing, meeting room deadening, hard feelings inducing, and now too often unforgiving social misstep.

Whether given as a workshop (or an abbreviated one-hour keynote presentation), experienced via DVD or read as a book, Valda Boyd Ford’s “The Paralysis of Political Correctness is an unmatched opportunity to understand and resist this downward slide of overreaction and misunderstanding that virtually threatens freedom of speech in America today.

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