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Police Diversity Training By Center For Human Diversity


Cultural Competency 101 Training Package for Law Enforcement Personnel

“Increasing performance and service-wide credibility
through officer-friendly diversity training”

The Problem:

Poor relations between community members and law enforcement officers can lead to feelings of distrust, anger and fear. Today it is easy for citizens to think law enforcement agencies have unfair policies and for peace officers to feel unfairly blamed for social problems and underappreciated for the work they accomplish. There are four key aspects to this dilemma:

  • Race, culture and class background
  • Rapidly changing demographics
  • Community history and politics
  • The Culture of law enforcement work itself
The Proven Solution:

The Center for Human Diversity’s Cultural Competency 101 Training Package has been taken by over 800 members of the Omaha Police Department and Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. The cops and deputies have cast their decisive votes:

" When the Omaha Police Department began planning for an in-service Diversity Training Program for our sworn personnel, we knew where to look. The Center for Human Diversity developed a customized and informative curriculum that was extremely successful. It exceeded my expectations, and the increase in cultural awareness and sensitivity was apparent from the feedback that I received from participants. This training will enable OPD to improve police-community relations and the daily operations of our agency."
Thomas Warren, Chief of Police
Omaha Police Department

Three-Part Cultural Competency 101 Training Package

(Taught as a single 8-hour workshop):

Master Training Manual:

The basics of cultural competency. Participants examine the differences in bigotry and racism, ethnicity and race, power and privilege and more.

Trainer’s Notes Packet

provides a treasury of additional information designed to enrich each training session.

Trainer’s Activities Packet

provides a large selection of tools for trainers to use to really excite and encourage audience participation throughout the training course.