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About Center For Human Diversity

Today’s leaders are faced with caring for and providing service for people from a variety of racial, ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds. Many, however, have received little or no formal education on issues critical to ensuring culturally appropriate and culturally sensitive service and product delivery.

The Center for Human Diversity’s team of cultural competency specialists customize training programs to help you respond more effectively to changing demographics impacting your organization. We can help you develop and implement cultural competency and diversity strategies. Our approach is customized according to your organization’s unique capabilities and stage of cultural transformation.


Founder and CEO Valda Boyd Ford, MPH, MS, RN
created The AWAKEN Model of Cultural Competency©



that becoming culturally competent is hard work


at getting the information from the best resources possible


that you cannot do it all but that you can do more


that attitudes and behaviors are slow to be changed


your policies and practices lead to equitable, efficient service


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