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Paralysis of Political Correctness DVD

Identify and define the paralysis of political correctness and explore strategies to effectively negotiate culturally and linguistically awkward situations. The DVD includes practical tips for defining and understanding the four fears that lead to the paralysis of political correctness and addresses strategies and common sense solutions.

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Valda Ford's Guide to Living, Laughing, and Loving - DVD

If you find yourself asking "whatever happened to me" this is the DVD for you! Valda Ford’s Guide to Living, Laughing and Loving is a 40-minute journey into the soul of one of America’s brightest new voices. It’s a primer on using grace and humor to get you through it all, whatever and wherever your ALL may be. Valda Ford has presented and worked professionally in more than 12 countries and over 25 states as an author, nurse, educator, and acclaimed cultural competency and diversity expert. From the refugee camp to the board room —she makes the message relevant for every audience and situation.

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